About Me

General information about the geek who created this site.

Name: Kendall

This is me, smiling because I was doing miserably on the hardest mini-golf course EVER.

Me, of course

Employment info: Consultant at CACI.
Former employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, US News & World Report, and EchoDitto. (Apparently I'm now an "ExoDitto" now.)

Hobbies: Biking, photography, reading, riding (horses), sailing, skiing, swimming, viola, reading.

This is Casanova, my best equine buddy. After four years of free leasing "Cass," I bought him in October 2012. He's now 11 going on 3 and can be a challenge to ride, but he's a joy to work with.


Siblings: I have one sister named Kristine, who was married in September 2004 - sorry, guys. On almost every personal website I've created, Kristine insists that I dedicate a page to her, so here it is.

That's it for now!