About the Site

This is my fourth personal website that I've created. I started out a number of years ago with a free Angelfire hosting account, back in the good ol' days of 14.4 Kbps modems and the "text only" link at the top of every website for those of us still stuck with 9600 bps... remember those? Yeah, we ARE old.

So... you may have arrived here through rainypony.com or kendallchurch.com. (Note: By some miracle of GoDaddy's configuration, I was able to have it so my hosting account serves both domain names, not just redirecting kendallchurch.com to rainypony.com..)

Anyway, I originally registered this site in 2005 under rainypony.com. Why, you ask? I must admit that it took me an extremely long time to figure out a domain name. Normally people use their first name and surname, or some combination thereof. There's one problem: people don't know how to spell my name. (Plus it was already registered to a church in Miami, FL.) Plan B: find some creative, clever name that is easy to remember and can't be misspelled.

Easier said than done. It took me days to think of something. I finally read somewhere that a good way to pick a domain name would be to take two words - an adjective and a noun - and use those. So how did I come up with "Rainy pony?" Simple. Rainy was my first horse. Despite being a 16 hand draft cross, she looked like an overgrown pony. So there you have it.

Media credits and other boring stuff

The header image (Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark) is courtesy of Getty Images - I only wish I were talented enough to take such a great photo. But, if you want to see my attempts at being a photographer, head over to the photography page to have a look.

All of the other design is my own work.

The site is primarily coded in XHTML with CSS, with a little jolt of Javascript thrown in for the photo section. I originally coded the site in 2005 as a way to show potential employers what I was made of. Four years later I realized that it could use a bit of clean-up, so I went back through all the code and made the appropriate edits. (Why oh why did I use <p><br></p> all over the place?)

For starters, I decided to nix the Javascript hover feature on the menu items and instead replaced it with CSS. (Even better, I was able to set it so there's regular text underneath the images... yeah section 508!) That actually proved to be harder than I thought, because in order to prevent the "IE flicker hover bug," I had to do all sorts of CSS acrobatics since GoDaddy won't allow me to edit my .htaccess file.

Also worth noting: This site may look a little wonky in Internet Explorer. By that, I mean it looks absolutely perfect in Firefox, but Microsoft is the Evil Empire and so IE doesn't follow all of the standards set by the W3C. As a result, some of the spacing may be off.

I also need to give major props to Torstein Hønsi, who created Highslide JS, the thumbnail viewer used in the photo pages.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

My CSS does validate... save for a few IE hacks. Currently I'm in a fight with Internet Explorer, and refuse to give IE a separate style sheet for the six different CSS properties used. (I think I'm fighting a losing battle.)