This section has gotten pretty big on its own, so I've separated it into two pages. The page you're on right now describes how I got into web design/development, and my portfolio page has what I actually have been paid to work on. I suggest reading through this page first, if not just for laughs.

I've been online since about 1995, browsing through Prodigy's Babysitters' Club pages and Horse Bulletin Boards. Around 1996, the WWW hit the scene, and I created a little gem called "Kendall's Homepage of Horses!" Fortunately, it's since been deleted from Angelfire's server due to inactivity. Unfortunately, Archive.org has a snapshot of what it looked like, and I can't help but show you my embarrassing first steps.

My first Angelfire page

Sadly, my second attempt at a personal website wasn't much better:

My second Angelfire page

Hideous, I know. The glamorous "blue waves" background makes all the difference. I also like how I described my parents as "people who listen to boring stuff like NPR and this Hawaiian dude named Iz." (Now I actually like NPR... I guess I've fulfilled my self-described "boring" image.)

The third site I created was one for the local pony club (www.ponyclub.org) I belonged to. Looks like I enjoyed the green "updated!" image.

Glastonbury Pony Club

After I left for college, I handed the keys over to a young girl in the club who agreed to upkeep it. Well... I got my first taste of what "upgrading" my work feels like. She changed the site layout and it became a sort of horror house of animated gifs, flashy processed Javascript buttons, and broken links. See for yourself. OUCH!

My fourth site was probably the most visited of all the sites I had created so far. This one was for the "Bike Across America" bike trip I did when I was 17. I created the site and updated it along the road so parents, friends, and fans could see the group's progress (and our increasingly noticeable tan lines.) Click on the screenshot to see the site in full:

Bike Across America 2000

This site is a prime example of checking with a web hosting company to see if the address of your site is case sensitive. Angelfire's addresses are, so I had to make sure to tell everyone to capitalize the "X" in "bikeXusa" or otherwise it wouldn't work.

My next project was during my freshman year at Mount Holyoke. As a new member of the dressage team, I volunteered to revive their old, stale website and create a new one:

Mount Holyoke Dressage

When I transferred from MHC, I handed the reins (no pun intended) over to another member of the team. The current site has been redesigned since, although personally I can't say it's much of an improvement over what I did. (Meaning my work wasn't exactly pure genius, either.)

My third attempt at creating a personal webpage was a little more successful than my experiments on Angelfire. This particular page (created in 2003) was a pretty big deal for me as it was my first time using CSS and Javascript. It's actually kind of a cute little site, although perhaps I should have toned down the yellow a little bit.

In 2004, I decided to update the look of the above page and give it a more artsty look. (For some reason I enjoyed the white/blue scrollbar look.) I particularly like the header graphic I made on this one:

Bored? Want to see more? Click here to take a look at my "portfolio."