Kristine's page

Kristine, as you may know, is my older sister. The story behind Her Holiness's page is... well, it's kind of a long story that does not involve blackmail. (Really, it doesn't.)

Contrary to me, Kristine LOVES shopping for clothes and shoes, which isn't surprising because she's short (excuse me, vertically challenged) and has size 6 feet and gets all the good clearance deals.

What do you expect when you're 5'2"?

Kristine with mile long braids
(smallest doorway in Poland)

When Kristine and I get to spend time with each other, we're extremely productive (at least when we're not arguing).

Very strange seating
(Some random place in Holland.)

But otherwise she's the only sis I got, and I love her. :)

Park City
Ahhh... a much more flattering pic of the both of us. Somewhere in Park City, UTAWWW!