Class Act - Rainy
1979 - 5/5/2003

I free leased (meaning I rode and took care of her but didn't actually own her) Rainy during the summer of '99 until March 2001. Rainy was a twenty-four year old, 16.3 hand Percheron/Thoroughbred cross, although she thought/acted like she was four and looked like an overgrown pony. :) She lived with a wonderful couple up in the Berkshires who took her out for trail rides until she was put to sleep on May 5, 2003 due to the onset of a neurological condition called EPM.

Rainy touched a lot of lives, including my own. She was an extremely special horse that put a smile on everyone's face. I love her and miss her a lot... she was and will always be my "first horse."

"Like human beings, horses are all individuals with singular personalities, their own virtues and their own faults. We become bound to them for their beauty, their eccentrics, their heart, and the love they so often return to us." -Lana Slaton